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LBSC 790/INFM 718B
Building the Human - Computer Interface
Fall 2004

This page contains instructional resources for the students in LBSC 708L. Information will be updated as it becomes available.

Section Days Time (P.M.) Classroom
0101 Monday 5:30-8:15 HBK 2119
Course Description
Descriptions of course goals, instructional staff and their office hours, classroom utilization, required and recommended materials, and grading procedures for the course. There are some useful links here that do not show up on the printed version.
A high-level outline of the material to be covered in each session, with links to the readings, the lecture notes and the assignments.
Homework Solutions
Homework solutions should be posted here by the end of the week in which they were due.
Term Project
Information about the project, and examples of projects that have been done in prior semesters.
Examinations that have been given in prior semesters.
Prior Semesters
Web pages for the same course in prior semesters. This course was previously known as LBSC 708L. Some links on these pages do not work.

Doug Oard
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