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LBSC 790/INFM 718B
Building the Human - Computer Interface
Fall 2004
Prototype 3/Class presentation

The frozen prototype should contain the same information as Prototype 1. No specification for a subsequent iteration is required. If you have made no changes since your second prototype, then a new prototype is not needed (but your slides are - see below).

You will have approximately 20 minutes for your presentation, including any required setup time and including questions from the audience. You should use powerpoint for your presentation, but you may mix it with live demos of one or more of your prototype iterations. In your presentation you should address at least the following issues:

Project presentations will be recorded on videotape so that I can review them in the event of technical difficulties with the access grid link.

The prototype and the powerpoint slides for the class presentation should be turned in by creating a Web page that links to each, linking to that page from your project Web page, and then sending the professor and a TA an email stating that it is there before the beginning of class on the date that it is due. I may need to download your slides from the Web in Australia if the shared powerpoint function does not work correctly.

Doug Oard
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