LBSC 790/INFM 718B
Building the Human - Computer Interface
Fall 2004
Graded Homework 3

Construct a Java Application that includes a GUI for a web browser
that contains the following components:

1) A text area in which the user can enter the query

2) A set of checkboxes which allow the user to optionally deselect
undesired languages (English, German or French)

3) A "Search" button to start the search

4) A text area in which the search results will be displayed.  The
user should not be able to enter information in this area.

5) A small text area in which debugging information will be displayed
during development.  The user should not be able to enter information
in this area.

The following functions should be implemented:

1) Whenever a button or a checkbox is selected, a brief message
stating that the button (or checkbox) was selected should be printed
in the debugging area.

2) When the "Search" button is depressed, the query should be
reproduced in the debugging text area.

Your GUI should have an easily understood and used layout even when
the window that contains it is resized.  

When your program is complete, jar it and the html file that you use
to test it into a file called hw3.jar and email it to both the
professor and the TA.  

Doug Oard
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