LBSC 790/INFM 718B
Building the Human - Computer Interface
Fall 2004
Graded Homework 2

This assignment should be turned in on paper at the beginning of class. You may use any graphics software or Computer Aided Software Engineering tool you like, or you can turn in readable freehand drawings if you prefer. You should use something close to the UML notation introduced in the UWCC text, but the focus of the grading will be on the quality of your design rather than the precision of your notation. So if your diagrams are understandable and complete, they need not include every flourish of "correct" UML.

Construct a Use Case Diagram, one Use Case Narrative for each use case that you identify, and a Class Diagram for for a new Web search engine. This Web search engine will work like Google, crawling the Web in search of information and then building an index to support later searching. Unlike Google, however, the information that your search engine will seek will be limited to sound files, either music clips, recorded human speech, or some combination of the two. The search interface will be a Java applet that allows the users to specify some characteristics of the sound files they are looking for and then presents a set of audio files for them to choose from along with some information that will help them to rapidly recognize interesting sound files.

You will be your own requirements commissioner for this (although you may not change any of the requirements stated above!), so in addition to the two diagrams you should also turn in a one page description of the problem that captures the results of you interview with yourself :-) so that I can interpret your diagrams in the context of your requirements commissioner's viewpoint.

Doug Oard
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