INST 734
Information Retrieval Systems
Fall 2014
Module 10: Monday November 3 to Sunday November 9

This module focused on scanned documents, which many people think of as "OCR," (Optical Character Recognition) but there is more too it than that. The module is designed to be completed in 12 hours over 7 days. As with every module, you must complete all componentents of this module by midnight on the evening of the indicated end date for the module.

Module Checklist

The recommended order for completing the activities in this module is:
  1. View the introductory video for this module.
  2. Read the Christensen paper.
  3. View the first reading commentary video.
  4. Read the Rath et al. paper.
  5. View the second reading commentary video.
  6. View the third reading commentary video (best done before reading the Tan et al reading).
  7. Read the Tan et al. chapter.
  8. Check ELMS to see if you have an additional reading summary assigned to you this week. If so, complete that summary by midnight Thursday and submit it using ELMS.
  9. View the Document Image Retrieval lecture video.
  10. View the Representation lecture video.
  11. View the Retrieval lecture video.
  12. On Friday (or later), read and comment on the additional reading summaries that were prepared by your classmates this week.
  13. Make progress on your project!
  14. If you want to hear some of the topics in this module presented differently, consider viewing parts of the optional supplementary videos.


This week we have three reading assignments.

Summaries of Additional Readings

Additional readings are assigned to five students. All students should read the five summaries once they are posted to ELMS, and all students other than those who wrote a summary this week should make a comment on the discussion board about at least one of the summaries (or about someone else's comment on one of them).


Here are the videos for this module:

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