INST 734
Information Retrieval Systems
Fall 2014 (Online)

This online course started on September 2, 2014.

Course Content

Course Description (Read this first!)
Description of course goals, prerequisites and corequisites, contact information, grading procedures, and many other things.
The course is organized as a set of 15 modules, each of which should typically take a week to complete. Use this page throughout the semester for links to the modules, with start and end dates, and quick links to some other useful content.
A direct link to a list of the required readings for each module. These (and many other important things) are also linked to from each module's Web page. For most modules, there are also additional readings that will be assigned to specific students.
Project Videos
Videos prepared by the students that describe their final projects. Access to some videos is restricted to members of the class.
Final Exam
Refer to this later in the semester for information about the final exam. Some actual exams that were given in previous semesters are available.

Additional Useful Materials

Information Retrieval Software
Links to sources of IR software (very useful for the project!).
Information Retrieval Books and Papers
Links to a wide range of books and papers describing information retrieval techniques.
Local Research Seminars
Seminar series on the Maryland campus and in the surrounding area that sometimes have speakers on topics related to this course.
Prior Semesters
A useful place to look if you want to see the materials as they were used in prior semesters.
Other Information Retrieval Courses
Some other information retrieval courses.

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