INST 734
Information Retrieval Systems
Fall 2014
Project Batch Evaluation Design (Assignment P8)

This document applies only to instructor-designed projects.

The goal of this project component is to produce a plan for conducting a batch evaluation of the assigned system variants. Given the limited time in a semester, it might not be practical to design a new batch evaluation for the same system that is the focus of your user study. For the batch evaluation, we will instead therefore use the University of Delaware Virtual IR lab. I will design two new systems for you to evaluate, and you will then compare those systems to baseline systems of your choosing using test collections of your choosing and analyze the results.

Batch evaluations are designed to be conducted fully automatically. They include at least the following:

The evaluation design needs to balance four desirable characteristics: In your evaluation design, you will need to specify each of the four components of the first group in a way that (in aggregate) reasonably balances the four desirable characteristics in the second group.

The best way to see what an evaluation design looks like is to read a TREC, CLEF, NTCIR or FIRE track overview paper. For example, here are two that I have written:

Your plan need not be as detailed a these, of course, because these were written AFTER the evaluation. To see what we had before the evaluation, look at: Of course, you won't need to specify all the submission format issues that we did (since you won't actually be submitting everything). So 3 or 4 pages should probably suffice for what you will write up as a plan.

Submit your batch evaluation plan using ELMS.

This assignment will be graded, but (as with all the pieces) the overall project grade will be assigned holistically rather than being determined by a fixed formula.

Doug Oard
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