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INST 734
Information Retrieval Systems
Fall 2014
Exam Preparation Materials

The final exam has now been completed by all students. It is available for future reference at Fall 2014 final exam
The final examination will be the only exam given this semester. The examination will be a 3-hours take home open book exam that must be taken in one sitting, at a time of the student's choosing during the university's 6-day final exam period (which is the period assigned to the final module in the course, whcih includes only the final exam). The exam will be posted here by 7 AM on Monday, December 15, 2014.

INST 734 has been offered more than 10 times previously (some as LBSC 708A, some as INFM 718R, some as LBSC 796, some as INST 734), so there is now a fairly extensive set of study materials and prior exams. The course does change somewhat from one year to the next, of course, and materials from different professors are included here. So these are probably best thought of as a basis for dialog rather than as examples of what you might expect to see this semester. No prepared solutions are available for most of the exams. Some of these documents are available only as Microsoft Word files - they are simply captured in whatever form they were originally created in.

Study Guides

Exams from Past Semesters

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