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LBSC 708X / INFM 718X - Seminar on E-Discovery
Spring 2012 - Section 0101

This Web site contains instructional resources for the students in section 0101 of LBSC 708X/INFM 718X.

Section Days Time (P.M.) Classroom
0101 Thursday 6:00-8:45 HBK 2119
Course Description
A description of course goals, instructional staff, grading procedures, and other important details.
An overview of the material to be covered in each session, along with links to the readings and assignments to be completed before class that week. Links to the materials used in class each week are also provided (although those links will go nowhere until those materials are ready).
Reading List
Detailed information about the reading assignments for each week (which are also available through the syllabus).
E-Discovery Resources
An extensive set of Web resources that address e-discovery issues.
Prior E-Discovery Course
This course was first offered in Spring 2009. Some materials from that offering of the course may also be useful to students this semester.

Doug Oard
Jason Baron
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