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LBSC 708T/INFM 718T - Transformational Information Technologies
Spring 2007 - Section 0101

Section Days Time (P.M.) Classroom
0101 Thursdays 6:00-8:45 HBK 2119
Course Description
A description of course goals, instructional staff and their office hours, classroom utilization, required and recommended materials, and grading procedures for the course.
An overview of the material to be covered in each session and the reading and homework assignments.
Reading List
Detailed information about the reading assignments for each week.
Course Blogs
These are voluntary contributions by students that react to the readings, the class discussions, or anything else worthy of comment.
Preparing for Team-Led Sessions
Information about team formation and team activities can be found here.
Useful Resources
Web sites and other useful resources.
Original course outline
The original outline of the course. Useful if you want to see how it was originally envisioned, but not current.

Doug Oard
Last update: January 31, 2007