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LBSC 671 - Creating Information Infrastructures
Spring 2014 - Section 0101

Section Days Time Classroom
0101 Monday 5:30-8:15 PM HBK 2119
Course Description
A description of course goals, instructional staff, classroom utilization, required and recommended materials, and grading procedures for the course.
An overview of the material to be covered in each session, along with links to the reading and homework assignments to be completed before class that week. Links to the slides and other materials used in class each week and (after class) to recordings for most class sessions are also included.
Readings to be completed before class each week. These are also linked to from the schedule, but the link from the schedule autoscrolls to the specific week; this link is here so that you will read the introductory material at the top of the page.
The Collections
At the start of the semester, each student chooses a collection to focus on as they learn about the information life cycle, description, metadata, and other topics of the course. Later in the semester, they make a public Web page that describes their collection. This page contains links to those Web pages, which typically remain available for at the next few semesters.
Past Exams
Exams and quizzes given in previous semesters, some with answers.
Other Sections
Links to Web pages for this course from other semesters and other instructors. The Web pages from the most recent semester from the same instructor can be a useful source for access to class videos (in case you want to see a different discussion of the same topics, or in case the video is not available this semester for some week) and it is also useful as a source for the slides presented in that semester if you want to look at them when doing the reading if the slides for this semester are not yet available.

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