Graduate Natural Language Processing (INST 735 / CMSC 723 / LING 723)


Location Iribe 0318
Time Mon./Wed. 15:30pm - 16:45pm
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Text Speech and Language Processing
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Jordan Boyd-Graber
Office Hours (Iribe 4146)

Teaching Assistants


Date In-Class Topic Assignment Due
Mon 29. Aug Introduction to the course, Probability, and Python
Lecture: Optional Readings (Background):
Wed 31. Aug Workshop: Git, Toolkits, Worksheets, First Homework
Mon 5. Sep No Class: Labor Day!
Wed 7. Sep Language Modeling
Lecture: Readings:
Fri 9. Sept HW 0 Limericks
Mon 12. Sep Classification
Lecture: Readings:
  • SLP Chapter 5
Wed 14. Sep Workshop: Logistic Regression
Fri 16. Sept HW 1 Language Model
Mon 19. Sep Part of Speech
Lectures: Readings:
  • SLP 8
Wed 21. Sep Deep Learning Crash Course
Lecture: Readings:
Fri 23. Sept HW 2 Classification
Mon 26. Sep Workshop: Pytorch
Wed 28. Sep Semantics
Fri 29. Sept HW 3 Deep Averaging Networks
Mon 3. Oct Parsing
Lectures: Readings:
  • SLP 13 and 14
Wed 5. Oct Workshop: Parsing
Fri 7. Oct HW 4 Semantics
Mon 10. Oct Neural Language Models I
  • SLP 7
Wed 12. Oct Workshop: LSTM
Mon 17. Oct Neural Language Models II
Lectures: Readings:
Wed 19. Oct Slack Day: Project Brainstorming
Fri 21. Oct HW 5 Parsing
Mon 24. Oct Feature Engineering
Lecture: Readings:
Wed 26. Oct Midterm Review
Mon 31. Oct Midterm
Wed 2. Nov Application: Topic Modeling
Lecture: Optional Lectures: Readings:
Fri 4. Nov Project Proposal Due Proposal
Mon 7. Nov Application: Named Entities / Entity Linking / Coreference
Lecture: Readings:
  • SLP Chapter 21
Wed 9. Nov Workshop: Fine-Tuning
Fri 11. Nov HW 7 Fine Tuning
Mon 14. Nov Application: Machine Translation
Lecture: Readings:
  • SLP 10
Wed 16. Nov Project Office Hours (Online w/ JBG), Topic Modeling Workshop in Class w/ TAs
Fri 18. Nov HW 8 Topic Model
Mon 21. Nov Application: Question Answering I
Videos: Readings:
Mon 28. Nov Application: Question Answering II
Videos: Readings:
  • SLP 23
Wed 30. Nov Careers in NLP
Mon 5. Dec Ethical/Explainable AI
Videos: Reading:
Wed 7. Dec AMA
No videos or reading, we'll talk about whatever you want to talk about (except religion or politics).
Mon 12. Dec Paper Clinic (Online Only)
Videos: Most Importantly: Have a draft of your report!
Tue 20. Dec 1:30pm - 3:30pm Final Poster Session