Project Team

ALLAN: Stabilizing Hostilities through Arbitration and Diplomatic Engagement

Project funded by DARPA
PI: Jordan Boyd-Graber


Using a gaming environment based on the classic board game Diplomacy, SHADE will train and evaluate automated and artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted techniques that can identify and address the complications of multi-party negotiation with deception, collusion, profiling, and other real-world features.

Diplomatic negotiation is complex and requires a detailed, in-depth understanding of the positions and interactions of many potentially untrustworthy allies and adversaries. Successful diplomats must identify deceptions, explore valid courses of action, and assess the consequences of any diplomatic actions.

The UMD team is working to build datasets that are annotated for deception in online conversations and build agents that communicate using natural language.

Project Team

Jordan Boyd-Graber Jordan Boyd-Graber
Associate Professor, Computer Science (UMD)
Picture of Denis Peskov Jonathan Kummerfeld
PI, Sydney
Picture of Jonathan May Jonathan May
Picture of Karthik Narasimhan Karthik Narasimhan
PI, Princeton
Picture of Denis Peskov Denis Peskoff
Postdoc, Princeton
Picture of Brandon Stewart Brandon Stewart
PI, Princeton

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