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Rosie: A Chatbot for New and Expectant Mothers

Project funded by DARPA
PI: Jordan Boyd-Graber


New parents have always looked to grandma, a more-experienced friend or books like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” to navigate the uncertainties of caring for a baby. The next generation of parents could also look to their phones for reliable guidance on hundreds of child care topics, thanks to a chatbot that University of Maryland researchers are developing.

Supported by a $3.7 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, the tech-enabled tool known as Rosie is intended to reduce postpartum depression among new moms and improve infant health with immediate, individualized and accurate information that eliminates the need for new moms to go down a Google rabbit hole late at night while dealing with an unfamiliar situation, and potentially being misled by the resources they find.

(Description excerpted from this article.)

Project Team

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