Project Team

GRACE (BBN): Low Resource Languages for Emergent Incidents (LORELEI)

Project funded by DARPA (LORELEI)
PI: Philip Resnik
coPI (PI while at Colorado): Jordan Boyd-Graber

In collaboration with Ben Van Durme and Michael Paul.


The goal of the Low Resource Languages for Emergent Incidents (LORELEI) Program is to dramatically advance the state of computational linguistics and human language technology to enable rapid, low-cost development of capabilities for low-resource languages. With the understanding that even with perfect translation, there would still be too much material for analysts to use effectively, LORELEI research will not be focused solely on machine translation. While LORELEI technologies may include partial or fully automated speech recognition and/or machine translation, the overall goal will not be translating foreign language material into English but providing situational awareness by identifying elements of information in foreign language and English sources, such as topics, names, events, sentiment and relationships.

The UMD focused on improving representations for low resource langauges through using related languages and human interaction.

Project Team

Jordan Boyd-Graber Jordan Boyd-Graber
Assistant Professor, Computer Science (UMD)
Shi Feng Shi Feng
PhD Student, Computer Science (UMD)
Ting Hua
Postdoc (JHU)
Yoshinari Fujinuma
PhD Student, Computer Science (Colorado)
Weiwei Yang
PhD Student, Computer Science (UMD)
Mozhi Zhang
PhD Student, Computer Science (UMD)

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