Project Team

SIENNEA (BBN): Active Social Engineering Defense (ASED)

Project funded by DARPA (ASED)
PI: Jordan Boyd-Graber


The Active Social Engineering Defense (ASED) program aims to develop the core technology to enable the capability to automatically elicit information from a malicious adversary in order to identify, disrupt, and investigate social engineering attacks. If successful, the ASED technology will do this by mediating communications between users and potential attackers, actively detecting attacks and coordinating investigations to discover the identity of the attacker.

The UMD team is working to build datasets that are annotated for deception in online conversations.

Project Team

Jordan Boyd-Graber Jordan Boyd-Graber
Associate Professor, Computer Science (UMD)
Picture of Denis Peskov Denis Peskov
PhD Student, Computer Science (UMD)
Picture of Shi Feng Shi Feng
PhD Student, Computer Science (UMD)

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