We will use Rocker, a project built on top of Docker to manage our software installation. This will provide you with a working installation of R, and the Rstudio IDE, along with a lot of packages providing analysis tools and datasets we will use throughout the semester. You can read more about Rocker in this introduction

We will be working from a docker image that extends the ropensci container. To use this please use the following command:

docker run -d -p 8787:8787 -v <local_path>:/home/rstudio hcorrada/introdatascidocker

Here <local_path> corresponds to a path in your local machine that will be mapped to the home directory in the docker container running rstudio.

You can find more information about this docker container here

I will announce updates to the image on piazza.

Data Repositories

The Rocker container you will install will contain access to a large number of data repositories. We will list additional ones here as we go along.