AMSC689: Research Interaction Team in Penalized Regression (Fall 2013)

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Major advances in technology for genomic studies are bringing the prospect of personalized and individualized medicine closer to reality. Many of these advances are predicated on the ability to generate data at an unprecedented rate, posing a significant need for computational data analysis that is clinically and biologically useful and robust.

This reading course will concentrate on the fundamental statistical methods required to meet this need. The goal is to be familiar with the key articles and concepts in the field of penalized regression, as well as have a sense of the unanswered questions and current research directions. No prior knowledge of biology is required.

The idea is to create an informal atmosphere where students can freely interact and discuss statistical / computational literature. Below is list of the (mathematical) background required. Interested students without this background are encouraged to attend these readings. The main ideas of each paper will be thoroughly discussed

Some of the papers we will discuss are touched upon in the wonderful textbook, which is free online:



Students can participate without signing up for credit. Students who sign up for credit (AMSC 689, Section: 6214) typically take one credit; they are expected to attend regularly and to make one presentation. Students who sign up for two credits are expected to attend regularly and to either make three presentations or make one presentation and produce a related written report or project. Students who sign up for three credits will be expected to attend regularly, to make three presentations, and to produce a related written report or project.