HWordNet - A Haskell Interface to WordNet


HWordNet is a Haskell binding to the WordNet database. You will actually need to have WordNet installed to use the Haskell interface, but you won't need any of the source (the Haskell interface is 100% pure Haskell; no crummy FFI bindings here!). However, it does of course use the WordNet database files, so you'll need those.


Most of the original WordNet documentation, at least as to how the database is structured, is relevant. Other than that, see the Haddock code documentation for the WordNet interface here.

You will only need to import NLP.WordNet.WordNet to use all the functionality. However, the primitives on which this purely functional interface is based are available in the Prims module.

Also, if you look in NLP.WordNet.Consts you will find that we require CPP to run; of course, you can avoid this by specifying the four definitions in there by hand (presumably a configure script should do this for you).


Installation involves downloading the tar bundle WordNet.tar.gz and opening it up. This will create a directory structure with NLP/WordNet with all the 5 source files in the leaf. You'll also need Common.hs in your search path.

Final Notes

This interface doesn't cover all of WordNet -- for instance, it doesn't yet do morphology. This will be available in a release soon. Also, it does use implicit parameters, so you've got to have GHC or Hugs or some other compiler that supports those.