Lise Getoor, Ph.D.

1. How do you pronounce your name?

My first name, Lise, is pronounced Lēisa, like Lisa, but with a bit of a 'z' sound. Actually 'Lisa' is fine. Lēs is also ok, as some of my friends use that for short. But please don't call me Lice, :). I was named after the physicist Lise Meitner.

My last name, Getoor, is pronounced Get tour, as in 'go get a tour'. While many assume it is Dutch, it is actually Armenian, a shorten version of the original family name, Beshgetoorian.


2. Do you provide undergraduate internship opportunity for international students?

If you are from another institution and interested in an internship, unfortunately, UMD does not support these at this time. However, please consider applying for graduate school.


3. How can I work with you?

Unfortunately, due to severe email overload, I cannot respond individually to student inquiries about applying to UMD. If you ater interested in UMD, please see information here.

If you are a UMD student, the best way to work with me is to first take a class with me, or do a project with me.