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Courses completed


    University of Maryland

  1. Algorithms for Biosequence Analysis

  2. Geographical Information Systems and Data Structures

  3. Information Visualization

  4. Probabilistic Method

  5. Computational Linguistics II

  6. Computational Linguistics I

  7. Numerical Analysis I

    Sabanci University

  1. Advanced Topics in AI

  2. Machine Learning

  3. Topics in Natural Language Processing

  4. Data Mining

  5. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

  6. Automated Reasoning

  7. Theory of Computation

  8. Computational Biology

  9. Artificial Intelligence


    Koc University

  1. Introduction to Computer Programming with Fortran

  2. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

  3. Introduction to Computer Programming with C

  4. Object Oriented Programming with Java

  5. Discrete Mathematics

  6. Algorithms and Data Structures

  7. Programming Languages

  8. Software Engineering

  9. Database Management Systems

  10. Computer Architecture

  11. Operating Systems

  12. Abstract Mathematics

  13. Honors Calculus

  14. Linear Algebra and Multivariate Calculus

  15. Differential Equations

  16. Algebra I

  17. Algebra II

  18. Statistics

  19. Real Analysis I

  20. Real Analysis II

  21. Applied Mathematics

  22. Numerical Methods

  23. Probability Theory

  24. Complex Analysis

  25. Topology

Course Projects

[ML, Computational Biology] Clustering Biological Sequences Using MapReduce (2010)

[InfoViz, NLP]  TRANS: Transportation Research Analysis using NLP techniqueS (2009)

[NLP]  Supervised classification for sentiment analysis (2009)

[GIS]  Parallel decomposition of line data into a PM quadtree data structure (2009)

[NLP]  Several basic NLP tools: part of a morphological analyzer, a statistical word-segmentation tool, a very simple statistical MT system (2007)

[AI, Game Design]  An AI-based Chess Playing Agent that can challenge a novice-level human player (2007)

[Answer Set Programming]  An ASP program that solves the Haplotype Inference problem (2006)

[Web Mining]  Extracting Usage Patterns from Web Log Data (2007)

[Computational Biology]  Extracting Signature Genes from Microarray Expression Data (2007)

[Operating Systems]  A simple Shell component, which does basic operations of an operating system (2006)

[NLP]  Statistical Disambiguation Model for Turkish Language (2005)

[Hardware Design]  A single-cycle processor unit, supporting all functionalities of an ALU, load-store and branch operations (2005)

[Software Eng.]  GizmoBall, a Java-based game with a GUI interface similar to Pinball  (2005)

[Database Design]  A database & query system containing information about courses, instructors, etc. using a JSP interface (2005)

[AI, Game Design, Software Eng.] A text-based adventure game with multiple instances and environments (2004)

[Concurrent Programming]  A multi-thread programming approach to solve the famous Smokers-Agents problem (2004)

[Programming Languages]  A compiler with capabilities of memory handling, variable handling and basic math calculations (2004)