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David Zajic
Center for Advanced Study of Language
University of Maryland, Box 25
College Park, MD 20742-0025, USA
email:  dmzajic at umiacs dot umd dot edu
phone: 301 226 8995 (office)



I am the director of the Beth Tfiloh synagogue men's choir. I do most of my own arranging and editing. Here are some samples. You are free to use them as part of a synagogue service. If you do use any of my arrangements, please send me a note to let me know. If you want to use any of my arrangements, editions or compositions in a concert, recording, or any other context other than as part of a synagogue service, please contact me to get permission.
  • David Zajic: Ki Lekach Tov for Men's Choir
  • David Zajic: Ki Lekach Tov for Mixed Choir
  • A recording of Ki Lekach Tov by the David Zajic Vocal Ensemble
  • David Zajic: Al Daat Hamokom. This text is sung immediately before Kol Nidrei
  • A recording of Al Daat Hamokom
  • Solomon Ancis: Mi Sheberach
  • Jacques HaLevy: Min Hametzar
  • Louis Lewandowsky: Ma Tovu
  • Louis Lewandowsky: Uvnucho Yomar (TWS 76)
  • Vladovski/Leo Low: Modim
  • William Milner: Kedusha #1
  • William Milner: Kedusha #2
  • Moldawski/Milner: Ato Nigleiso
  • Olshanetsky: Adonoi Z'choronu
  • Rosenblatt: Hal'luyo

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