Dynamic view-dependent multiresolution on a client--server architecture


We consider the problem of transmitting huge triangle meshes in the context of a Web-like client–server architecture. Approximations of the original mesh are transmitted by applying selective refinement. A multiresolution geometric model is maintained by the server. A client may query the server for a mesh at an arbitrary, continuously variable, level of detail. The client makes repeated queries over time with different query parameters. The server answers to queries by traversing the multiresolution model and transmitting updates to the client, which uses them to progressively modify a current mesh. We study this problem in the context of a vertex-based multiresolution model, which is a special instance of the Multi-Triangulation (a model that was developed in an earlier work), based on vertex insertion and removal. We define a compact data structure for such a model that exploits the specific update rule. We propose a dynamic algorithm for selective refinement and we discuss in detail its implementation as a client–server application. In order to reduce memory requirements and channel traffic, we develop a compressed representation which allows us to express mesh updates with a code of small size. We also address client caching to further limit bandwidth occupancy. Experimental results show that the Multi-Triangulation can be a key Web technology for triangle mesh manipulation.

Computer-Aided Design